Aircraft Ferry Out Services

At times, Airlines may not be in a position to ferry out the Aircraft due various reasons, Spark Aviation has tie ups with Independent Ferry Flight Service Providers to help in time indeed.
Ferry Flight and Aircraft Delivery Services in moving aircraft worldwide for:
  • Aircraft Delivery Flights
  • Post Maintenance Test Flights
  • Acceptance Flights
  • Observation Flights
We customize our services based on each client’s requirements and can assist with a one-off Ferry Flight or provide on-going Flight Operations Support for your aircraft.
We provide experienced Ferry Flight Crew to airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and manufacturers in any country, on any aircraft type, on any registration, and in any jurisdiction.

Experienced, Reliable, and Professional Crew

Spark Aviation has an extensive database of qualified, professional, and reliable FAA/EASA/ICAO pilots on all aircraft types who are well experienced in Ferry Flight and Aircraft Delivery Services.

Our Ferry Crew pilots are sourced from a wide range of internationally based airlines, are current, have significant experience on their aircraft type, and a valid proficiency check, license, and medical.