Aircraft Technical Training

No organisation is complete without proper training. However we have gone quite ahead in providing services not only technical, but Technical Training too. All Aircraft Generic training, EASA modules, and Type training will start soon.
Aircraft Airworthiness = Effective Maintenance = Successful Operations
This is quite known to all the aviators, however the most overlooked, hidden, and unseen factor is the TRAINING, which is the foremost support of all three above.
We offer aircraft operators a complete package of core type training and Aviation generic training courses. We understand the key to successful aircraft operations is a strong and effective maintenance program training, and we are pleased to provide world-class maintenance training to support your operation.

Experienced Professional Instructors

Delivered by a team of expert aviation maintenance instructors, our innovative training programs are delivered to meet ATA 104 guidelines for aircraft maintenance training. Each instructor has extensive experience in aircraft maintenance and instruction. Achievement of the instructional objectives ensures that the customer’s maintenance personnel are well prepared to maintain the aircraft to the highest possible standards.

CAPA (Continuing Aviation Professional Augmentation)

CAPA program is meant for Aviation  Professionals who need to undergo various trainings on timely basis to keep their license and renewed .

Various Generic and Aircraft Type Training Courses offered under this program.

If you are planning to conduct a training for your team feel free to connect with us on