Technical Records Software EMSS-TRM

Upon completion of Lease period of Aircraft, it is either sold to another party or lease agreement is renewed. Unlike any other automobile, Aircrafts are maintained with utmost care in all seasons prevailing around the world as per the schedule already approved by the regulatory authority. Even though it becomes too cumbersome considering finances involved, there is no deviation allowed under any circumstances, and same has to be ascertained by the buyer.
In the process of Aircraft Technical Records Management, Spark Aviation has gone a step more closer to Not just follow the prevalent way of recording by scanning and then sorting through MS office and storing online.

We own laminaar Aviation Infotech (India) Pvt. Ltd developed by EMSS-TRM software, exclusively designed for records management. Please contact us for more details.

  • In order to keep the value of aircraft as high as possible the use of EMSS-Technical Records Module ( TRM ) would assure our customers.
  • With aircraft records readily available at all times, this system will provide with the ability to manage and control all digital data so it can be used to support a smoother transition during End of Lease.
The system generates a preliminary report of each audit based on a previously established format, so that the inspector complements it and obtains the final report.
  • On the basis of the data collected from TRM module and other additional features mentioned as required, a preliminary audit report will be prepared, and same will be revised before finalizing and submitting it to the lessor.
  • Our objective is to provide TRM as a package to the customer together with the full support of our Technical Services Group.