“AIR convention Digital Week 2020”

It is a global platform which facilitates online aviation Conference thereby providing a great opportunity to build your network in the aviation industry.

During five days of fruitful discussions, invited experts will talk about the most effective ways of recovery for the aviation business amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here are the highlights that this 5 days Program will be covering:

Day 1: Market Overview and Current Scenario
Day 2: Cargo Services and ACMI(Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance)
Day 3: MRO / Leasing
Day 4: HR & Training / Air Technology
Day 5: Airports

AVAJET AVIATION is currently attending this workshop to extract the most knowledge that would eventually help in developing the client’s Aviation Business.

Major Benefits of joining this workshop are:

✔️ Hundreds of new business connections in five days
✔️ The biggest digital aviation conference worldwide
✔️ Speakers from 10+ different aviation business fields
✔️ The only digital platform connecting aviators across the globe
✔️ Grab your laptop and let’s get down to business from Home.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Grow Business Online!

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