Aircraft Records Management

Digitization and scanning is a safer as well as smarter way to maintain the aviation-related confidential data safely. Data sharing and quicker support can be provided with proper security. The management of technical records with digital technology becomes very easy. In the current scenario, contactless delivery can be achieved.
Spark Avaition’s record management services include:
  • Auditing maintenance records for completeness and accuracy
  • Initiating discrepancy resolution processes when required
  • Loading/validating component configuration and recording compliance
  • Indexing into client’s electronic record keeping program
  • Archiving and long-term storage of hard-copy records

Spark Aviation utilizes electronic record-keeping tool designed exclusively for aircraft and engine records. It offers storage and indexing, rapidly advanced searches, auto-indexing features, and a secure online environment. Once configured, the system is easily accessible by any client authorized user from anywhere with an internet connection and has the capability of interfacing . Please refer to our next services TECHNICAL RECORDS SOFTWARE EMSS-TRM.

Services Include

  • Daily Inspection schedules
  • C Check and D Check which are major check documents
  • AD/SB DFPs
  • STC/ Local Modification
  • Landing Gear / Engine/ Overhaul Shop DFPs APU visit
  • Structures repair DFPs
  • Tech Logs/ PDR/ Journey Logs
  • Any specific technical documentation of aircraft